About us

HelloKennel is a small, hobby kennel. We are seeking to educate the public about these wonderful dogs, communicate with other Kai Ken owners, and to sell puppies to approved homes on an occasional basis.

Our pups will be raised in a home environment with careful handling and socialization. We feed our dogs a modified raw foods/grain free kibble with appropriate supplements. We do minimal core vaccines and natural parasite control.

The outdoor environment is large and lush with many herbs for the dogs to graze on and lots of interesting things to explore.

Joanna Kimball has an excellent blog post titled Puppy buyer etiquette, which provides useful info for people who want a puppy.

Also, Hello Kitty is special, which is our primary motivation for breeding her. Her red brindle is the rarest the three kinds of Kai Ken coats. She is a truly elegant and intelligent, affectionate, and charming. She will make a good mother, and we are confident her puppies will be much like her.

Leif Allmendinger & Debbie Brandt



Kitty has her own way of doing things at the UCK premiere dog show, June 2013