Upcoming litter
  Winter 2021


Leif Allmendinger & Debbie Brandt



HelloKennel is a small, kennel on the south coast of Oregon. We currently have four Kai Kens, who live with us in our house and experience extensive socialization in our community. We live on a two and a half acre property, with many herbs for the dogs to graze on and lots of interesting things to explore.

We lead the local 4-H dog club and organize a yearly event for the 4-H children and their dogs at the Curry County fair each July.

We have founded Riley’s Readers, a program where dogs serve as reading companions for children at Riley Elementary School in Gold Beach, Oregon. Reading to dogs inspires children to have fun and enjoy the experience of reading. It helps them to develop their reading skills, encourages positive behaviour and helps build confidence.

Kitty has her own way of doing things at the UCK premiere dog show, June 2013