born 2-3 August 2014

Kitty and her puppies
just before they go
to their new homes
7 October 2014

4 hours before giving birth.
She knew, we didn't.

The puppies were born between midnight and 1:00 am, 2-3 August 2014.
There were three females. Kitty knew just what to do and didn’t need our help.

The photo session upset Kitty,
so no more pictures
until the pups are bigger.
who will be Robyn's
Tekka (above and right)
who will be Patrick's

The puppies are twelve days old today, the 14th of August. Tekka’s and Kappa’s eyes are open now . They are starting to take steps, so in a few days the house will break out in pandemonium. Kitty has no problems with our photography now. In fact, she’s a bit tired and sore with being a milk factory and says ‘I'm going on break– you watch 'em’.

who will be Ellen's
Kappa and Tekka
26 August 2014
first time outside

Kappa has koala ears and is usually the one to initiate play with the others. Tekka is a live wire– just and a blur in most of my photos. Fortunately, Kaiju is more phlegmatic, and easier to photograph.

Kappa and Tekka
Robyn and Patrick's puppies, respectively
Ellen's puppy

During the first three weeks of their lives, the puppies gained an average of 56 grams (just over 2 ounces) apiece. All of this has to come from poor Kitty, who only weighs 12 kg (25 lb). Being a milk factory is hard work, and she is perpetually hungry.

Last week Debbie decided to give Kitty some dark beer to help with milk production, so I left about an ounce in my glass after dinner. I figured Debbie would give her a fraction of it. One hour later, Debbie cried out: ‘Something's wrong! Kitty's not moving.’

Kitty lay motionless in the whelping box, her tongue lolling out. I started to ask: ‘How much did you give her?’ but I already knew the answer. Kitty did not look at all displeased.

Doctors used to prescribe dark beer to nursing mothers to aid the milk flow. As the puppies would testify, it works– but next time Kitty will stop at one teaspoonful.

Kaiju and San, four weeks old
7 September 2014
photo credit: Meredith Bell
Luna and Kaiju, 7 September 2014
photo credit: Meredith Bell

In our garden
9 September 2014