Upcoming litter
  Winter 2021


We plan on our next litters in Fall 2019. To date we have whelped five litters of puppies– three with Hello Kitty and one litter each with Yako and Momo. Akashi has sired three of these– two with Hello Kitty and one with Momo. This makes for a total of nineteen puppies. Our puppies have homes in Toronto, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, and Vancouver and points between.

We raise our puppies in the home, where they experience early stimulation and socialization. The local 4-H children and family friends handle them. We take them into town for car rides and visits. Kai puppies learn quickly and are virtually potty trained when they go to their new homes .

Hello Kennel is fortunate enough to have access to a wonderful, skilled trainer who comes over in the early weeks to help lay the foundation for good behavior. We live in the countryside, so the puppies meet goats, ducks and a very friendly pony. They meet other dogs when they are old enough.

Kitty and her puppies
just before they go
to their new homes

Kaiju at two weeks–
Hello Kitty's puppy

The puppies are twelve days old today, the 14th of August. Tekka’s and Kappa’s eyes are open now . They are starting to take steps, so in a few days the house will break out in pandemonium. Kitty has no problems with our photography now. In fact, she’s a bit tired and sore with being a milk factory and says ‘I'm going on break– you watch 'em’.

Luna and San
at three and a half weeks
first time outside–
Hello Kitty's puppies
Java at two weeks– Hello Kitty's puppy. We keep our puppies until they are nine weeks– old enough for the mother to socialize them but young enough bond with their new owners.
Honey Bear
at three weeks–
Yako's puppy.
Kaiju and San
four weeks old–
Hello Kitty's puppies.
photo credit: Meredith Bell
Kitty believes strongly in disciple.
Satchiko, six weeks old, not so much.
Momo at six weeks
enjoying our garden–
Hello Kitty's puppy
Link (left) and Honey Bear
at seven weeks– Yako's puppies.
25 November 2018
Neko (left) and Java
at seven weeks–
Hello Kitty's puppies

at eight weeks
with what used to be
my shoe–
Hello Kitty's puppy